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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What programs does your school offer? 

Phlebotomy Technician Course, Basic EKG Course, Clinical Medical Assisting
​We offer a short-term 7-8 week Phlebotomy Technician program that is designed to teach the knowledge in technical and procedural aspects of basic phlebotomy. The program includes in person course work and hands-on instruction.

We also offer a short term 7-8 week EKG Technician program that is designed to teach the basics of electrocardiogram skills. This program includes in person course work and hands-on skills lab. 

Our 12 week medical assisting program is new! Check out the course description under courses. 

2. Is your school licensed?
​Yes, Phlebotomy Plus adheres to the rules and regulations of the Kentucky Commission of Proprietary Schools. For more information visit
3. I live in another state can I enroll in the program?

​Yes, we accept out-of-state participants.​

4. How much are the programs?
​The Phlebotomy course is $760, plus $152 for books and materials.

The EKG course is $700, plus $152 for books and materials. 

The Clinical Medical Assisting program is $1900, plus $600 for books, study materials & all lab supplies

5. Are we required to wear uniforms during in-person skills training?
Yes, uniforms are REQUIRED to be worn during class & clinical hours.

School color:   Any color, preferably black or royal blue.

6. Do I have to pay the full tuition when I register for the class?

No, we have an affordable payment plan (divided over 5 weeks)

The total tuition cost of the phlebotomy course is $760. Registration fee is $100 and is due at the time of enrollment. We allow the remaining balance of $660 to be paid in 3 installments. Payments are made on week 1, 3 & 5.

The EKG course is $700 with the registration fee being $100. The remaining balance of $600 can be made in 3 installments on week 1,3, & 5. 

The Medical Assisting program is $2500 with the registration fee $250. Monthly payments are expected, Financial Aid may be available for all programs. 

​7. Once I complete the program can I go straight to work?
​Yes, once you have successfully completed any of he courses you will be awarded a certificate of completion and ready to enter the workforce. 

8. Do you provide job placement jobs; resume assistance?

No, we do not provide job placement assistance, but we are happy to give our Students good references to help them find the job of their dreams. We also attempt to place them at a medical facility for a clinical rotation that has employment availability. Yes, we discuss resumes in our class.

​9. What days do you have class?

We offer classes during the day, evenings, and Saturdays. Times/days vary depending on the course.

10. Are clinicals required for each program?

No, they are optional in the CPT course. We highly encourage our students to participate in clinicals while enrolled in the Phlebotomy course to gain experience in a medical facility.

The EKG students will perform all of their course requirements in the skills Lab. The Medical assistant students will achieve their lab skills hours in class & a clinical rotation is optional.

11. How do I sign up for a class?

Enrollment is by appointment only. You may reach us @ 606.324.0404. Calling our office is the quickest & best way!

(online enrollment coming soon!)

12. What to bring when registering for class?

EKG & Phlebotomy enrollment is $100 deposit  Medical Assisting enrollment is $250 deposit. 

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