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About Us


Founded in 2000 by Kathy Harris, our training center programs are top notch!

Our first location was opened and operated in Grayson, KY for years, before relocating to Ashland, KY. Ms. Harris has taught many Phlebotomists in the Tri State area. 

Our mission is to provide course participants with the opportunity to brighten their future, with a career-focused education, that can be readily used for gainful employment.  We are committed to providing effective training and preparing every individual to step out into the workforce with the knowledge needed to succeed in their career.

We believe in learning from an experienced Phlebotomist- not a LPN, RN, Nurse Practitioner, EMT or MD/DO.  Our Instructors have over 55 years of phlebotomy experience. 25 years of teaching and 20 years in a local Level II Trauma Center. Our staff comes with knowledge, personality, and experience. 

In the Fall of 2023, after being approved by KPEC, we began our first Clinical Medical Assisting Program. This program was a huge success, with the class having a 100% pass rate.  Led by the BEST RN Instructors in the area, our school has a 100% pass rate on the NHA CCMA national exam too.  CMA jobs are in high demand in the tri-state area & our graduates are ready. 

We will have you prepared for the JOB. 

When you think of great education center- think of PHLEBOTOMY PLUS! 

Providing you with the BEST training to provide the best care

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